Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memoir of 1st Independence

From August, my boy has been attending his toddler class by his own for 3 consecutive weeks. His teacher always tells me "he's very good" when I pick my boy up at the classroom. I'm happy for his independence and courage. But I feel little upset too because I can't participate in the class activities with him anymore. However, we always get excited when he shares about his "art work". See left, it's a paper bear (stuffed with cotton) painted by him. Also my boy likes to sing us few songs that he learns from the class. Note: I also notice that my boy can play by his own at home for short time (slowly from 15 minutes to 1/2 hour). Great! It helps to instill his concentration whilst I gain a little time of my own to do anything.

No matter what. We are happy to take part in our boy's life journey. We are still always be his side.. although he's learned to be 'independent'. Lastly, I wish a happy 53rd 'Merdeka Day' to all my Malaysian fellows.

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