Friday, August 20, 2010

Adorable Elmo Bento Box

In my mind, a cutely designed bento box may help me to win my boy's heart. Yeap, before I could make him any "nice to see" plus "nice to eat" bento food, I'm seriously looking for a special bento box for him. Finally I found this Elmo bento box @ bentocraft.

Like said, I have not come up with
any "nice" bento recipe yet. But to cheer my boy, I made a very simple one for his 1st bento meal(as breakfast). I put some cookies in the inner-container and 2 mini sandwich breadrolls (with peanut butter jam) in the main. There you can see the animal mini picks which tucked onto the breadrolls. I purchase these mini picks (1 pack for 10) from bentocraft too.

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