Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Handy Organic Marketing Guide

Today, I am lucky to come upon a blog (by a mom too) and her label of "green living tips" has caught my attention. By reading through it, I am intrigued by the title of "The Dirty Dozen" as well as "Clean 15" and the small piece of printed sheet which displays images of some veggies and fruits. What are they?

Thanks to a crafter cum a mom, Heidi Kenney (her site The Paper Crane) who creates the cheat sheet in such a colourful and pocket-size format. It provides a simple guide to help shoppers to choose which kinds of veggie/fruit to buy organic and which kinds are safer (of low pesticide level) to buy if non-organic.

Ashamed. I seldom buys organic veggie and fruit nowadays (since this year). But I feel much better when I find out that my boy's favourite kinds of veggie/fruit mostly belong to the "Clean 15". Even for apple and pear, we peel the skin off before he consumes.

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