Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2-in-1 Luggage For A Kid (3-5yrs)

I've been planning to buy a Trunki luggage for my boy since I spot
it from the website. Haha.. we are not frequent flyers but I find Trunki is very cute and functional (for a kid, of course!). Luckily I saw one from the local seller so that I don't need to get a friend to buy it from UK.

Now there are more than 5 designs from the Trunki series. It's called an innovative travel product which is a luggage for carrying kid's stuff but it's also a mobile seat for a kid to play or rest on it while waiting. I got a Harley version (the ladybird) for my boy. It comes just right for our short trip in September.
However, my boy has played the Trunki as a toy car in the house now.

It's a simple and light case designed for a kid to handle with. I guess only put toys, few books and few clothings inside as to ensure it is not too "heavy" for my boy to push/carry it. The lock system looks bit fragile to me. Thus, for the sake of this Trunki (life usage), I think I need to supervise my boy while he locks/unlocks it.

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