Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopaholic Mom With Baby No.2 - Part 2

Although I named myself a "shopaholic mum" on the title, I actually prepare my shopping list with extra care (look for any sales). Still I care about the budget I spent on the items. Why not? We're going to raise 2 children under one roof and our "million dollars" luck is still lacked.

In this part 2, I would love to share a baby sleeper from "First Year". Commonly we get a baby cot, a baby cradle and a baby bouncer (either the U-shaped spring bouncer or the modern one from Fisher Price or other brands). I have thought very hard upon purchasing it. Giving it a deeper thought, I think the sleeper is quite compact and useful to carry my newborn around (from our house to parents' house). It's so light to be carried like a bag. Another main purpose is to place it on our bed at night. Thus, I don't need to get out of my bed to carry my baby from the cot for feeding; likewise, my baby can sleep safe and sound in the sleeper without worrying we roll on him.

Besides, there's another lovely product from Pupsik Studio to be introduced -- A travel-sized beansprout pillow with tags. Old folks believe beansprout pillow can ease newborns to sleep calmly by placing it on the chest. It makes the newborns feel like cuddled inside mommy's womb securely still. I remembered my mom preparing one for my 1st baby (filled with uncooked rice instead of beansprouts husks) when she found him easily frightened by any surrounding noises. Hope my baby no.2 would love this little pillow and have a comfort sleep with it.

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