Friday, April 08, 2011

Shopaholic Mom With Baby No.2 - Part 1

It's our baby no.2 coming to the world soon. Honestly I have no many baby stuff to get compared to the 1st baby but still I'm so passionate to look for something special for our new bundle of joy.

As such, I always occasionally visit certain baby websites as if doing window shopping. Pupsik Studio (based in Singapore) is one of my favourite. I like their lovely and stylish fabrics which are used in making their signature pouch slings as well as some nursery/bedding accessories. Let's see what Pupsik's items I have gotten for my lil baby bunny (2011 is the year of Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac) -- A dimpled pillow (online purchase through a friend) and a nursing cover (bought from Mothercare) under same fabric design "Disco-dots". In fact, the 1st item I bought was a travel-sized beansprouts pillow with ribbon tags (see next blog) during sales time. But I could not get the same design for this item, or it'll be perfect (haha... for me or for my baby?!).

Note: In Malaysia, Mothercare stores are selling their pouch slings and Nursing covers.

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