Monday, November 15, 2010


My boy has been playing megablock set for more than 2 years. Recently I can notice that he starts to get bored on it. So I tell my hubby that maybe we can let him play some "Lego" bricks. We finally bought one set home. The ideal age is 4+but we trust our boy understands the safety rule to handle such tiny bits. We have educated him from early. He never puts coins or any hard (not edible) particles into his mouth.

On the first "Lego"
lesson, my boy was happily (as usual) to open up the packs filled with "Lego" bricks and asked his daddy to play together. Wow.. the big man and the small boy looked so serious in assembling their "Lego" bits. I quickly took my camera to catch some shots. In the end, only daddy managed to build his first "Lego ship"... haha... in his lifetime.

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