Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Day @ Toddler Class

My boy likes to attend his once-a-week Toddler Class. Unfortunately, last month we were informed by his teacher that their centre can't conduct any classes for children aged below 4 from next year. It's pretty upset us especially our boy and we doubt if he can understand about it.

the last day arrives. All parents have been well informed by the teacher in advance to bring some party food for the kids after class. Yes, a farewell party to all!!! Once the party table is set up with the food and surrounded by the kids, song is playing on the disc and kids are enjoying the snacks... whilst the parents are busy in snapping photos of their lovely kids for keepsake.

Well.. we did explain to our boy that he'd have a long holiday break after the day. Haha.. for him, i think everyday makes no difference, staying home or going out.

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