Sunday, September 05, 2010

Omelette Cheese Toast

I've some leftover ham & button mushroom in the fridge. So I think of making omelette sandwich for breakfast. Haha.. quick & easy too!

Serve 2:
For Omelette
1 slice French Ham (cut into small slices)
5-6 Button Mushroom (sliced)
2 Eggs (beaten + 2 pinch salt)
1 tablespoon Cooking Oil (or butter)

6 slices Wholemeal Bread
2 or 4 sheets 'Kraft' Cheese (extra, richer)
Step 1: Heat the pan with oil/butter. Add ham & button mushroom, stir fry until fragrant. Mix them evenly to the bowl of beaten egg for omelette mixture.
Step 2: Make four omelette (size equal to a slice of bread). Done and set aside.
Step 3: Put 2 slices of breads (side by side) in the non-stick pan. Add omelette (1 piece each) onto each bread, then cheese slice and sandwich bread. Press down (flat).
Step 4: Add omelette again and followed by cheese slice (optional - extra) and sandwich bread. Press the whole double-decked sandwich and turn it over to toast another side.
Step 5: Serve while the breads are still warm.

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