Thursday, September 02, 2010

Buds.. Still My 1st Choice

'First Aid Lotion' (seen as right in the picture) is the 1st product I used amongst "Buds" range. My colleague strongly recommended it after she learnt that my boy was suffered with mosquitoes' bites. Unbelievable.. just within minutes after I applied it onto my boy's affected area, I could see the big difference between "before" and "after". It's no longer swollen and red... totally gone without a mark (after few applies). Like its product name, it's so useful like antiseptic cream which can be applied for any small wounds. Some may resist the smell of "Eucalyptus". In fact, it's safe for baby because only natural ingredients are used in the production. Even later my boy's babysitter also asked me where she could buy this for her grandchildren. Now I always keep one in the rack. *Mozzier cream is good too.

'Baby Utensil/Fruit & Veggie Cleanser' (seen as left in the picture) is another my fave. Natural & safe is my main concern when making purchase for baby stuff. There're many good brands for cleanser but I personally like "Buds" for the "orange" fragrant... very natural & light. Normally I just use it to cleanse the feeding equipment, not fruit/veggie (as they're organic).

"Top to Toe shower gel" is great for baby who has allergic skin problem.

P/S: "Buds" has launched new packaging (since last year, I think) under Organic range.

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